Why does Throttle use unique, generated addresses?

Throttle uses unique addresses so that it can track each individual subscription for you. That way, it knows if someone sold your email address, and whenever you want to stop receiving email from a sender you can simply tell Throttle to shut that email address down by clicking "Revoke Access". It's immediate, definitive, and airtight - the exact opposite of trying to "unsubscribe" from anything.

Throttle's browser extension is designed to make generating and using those generated addresses as easy as (if not easier than) using your own, while also making it a whole lot safer.

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Hi Alexander,

Love throttle!  I would like to take this one step further and create my own addresses.  Since I use a custom domain, I see generated addresses like wfoz4r7tl8iytyr0j2@throttle.magnifictech.com.  I would like to edit the generated email to something like blogname.tag.category@throttle.magnifictech.com so that 1) its makes my ocd calm down after looking at the generated address and not seeing something meaningful before the @ and 2) I am able to sort and do other tricks based on the email.  The api would fail on dupes and handle everything as it does normally.  Thoughts?

Oh, I'd also love to sort my reading list by the From, this would be helpful in viewing all the posts from one blog at once.

Keep up the great work!


Excellent, I see my first question was asked and answered! https://throttle.helprace.com/i118-can-i-create-custom-adresses-when-using-a-custom-domain#item_comment_block_7135

I look forward to using it!