can't add subscriptions to categories

I'm a new user and just created my first category. Then I went to the "All" category, clicked a message and dragged it over the sidebar and tried to add that sender to the new category. Nothing. It says the category is still empty. I've tried a number of times.

What am I doing wrong?


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Rich, we're deploying this fix for Firefox as we speak! Should be available shortly. Thanks for bringing it to our attention!

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Rich, sorry about that - if you drag the sender name (or icon), that should do it.

It's meant to communicate that categorizing moves the subscription not the message.

Let me know your thoughts on this, I'd like for us to improve this experience for you!

Thanks for the quick reply, Alexander.

I wasn't clear, but I do understand that it's meant to move the subscription. That's what I want to do and I am dragging the sender name to the sidebar. But nothing happens...

Also, I have noticed that if I click on a link in a message (from my reading list) it opens that link in a new tab but the functionality of the page is limited. For example, the notification of your reply came to my throttle reading list. I clicked on the link in that message and it opened this thread in a new tab, but the "reply" button didn't work. Then I went back to the message (in my reading list) and right-clicked the link, then selected "open link in new tab" from the pop-up menu. In that tab, the reply button worked just fine. I have experienced this same issue with several messages now. Something about linking directly from within a message in the Throttle reading list is causing the page that opens to not function.



That's a common issue with the current implementation. Javascript gets "disabled" when you open a link from an email message in the current tab due to the way they are "sandbox"ing the messages. A custom fix has to be applied for every new browser so they probably just forgot to enable the functionality for Firefox. 

The solution until the fix arrives is either to always open in a new tab or... well, that's the only solution to escape the sandbox, unless they update the sandbox to allow-scripts.

When you begin to drag a sender, it should highlight the category rows. Then when you drop the sender on a category, there should be an animation behind the row. Is any of this happening?

Here's an example:

Most of that is not happening, Alexander. There does seem to be some animation when I "release" the sender above the category, but it doesn't add the subscription. Hopefully the link below will take you to a screen capture so you can see what's happening.

Also, as an FYI, I was unable to reply to this thread in Firefox. I was logged in, but clicking the reply button did nothing. Tried refreshing and reopening the page without success. Was able to reply without an issue in Safari.





So my last post got me thinking that perhaps the problem is the browser and that indeed appears to be the case. I was just able to add a subscription to a category using Safari. Does Throttle have issues with Firefox? Or is there an add-on or plug-in issue, perhaps?



Rich, good find - looks like a bug; we'll have it fixed shortly!

Sorry about this issue, and thanks for bringing it to our attention.

Hi Alexander and Rich,

Excellent question and support thread. Having switched from Chrome browser to Firefox on Sunday, I have also found a different, yet related glitch.

On scrolling through my category list, the bar stops around two-thirds of the way down, cutting off the bottom third, including the uncategorised and add category labels. The up-down keys and mouse wheel do not work, so I can only scroll using the on-screen scroll bar.

Also, why can't I sort Throttle categories into alphabetical or numerical order? My list seems to be in order added. Uncategorised and Add Category are often hidden under the unread/list popup, with no way to close it.

Could the Add Category label appear under the All tab at the top of the list?



I haven't encountered the other problems you describe, Pansycow, but I agree - I'd like to be able to reorder the categories. I'd also like to be able to mark individual message as unread, as opposed to all messages from a particular date.


Rich, we're deploying this fix for Firefox as we speak! Should be available shortly. Thanks for bringing it to our attention!