Chrome Field Icon overlapping with Dashlane

Hey guys,

I use Dashlane, a popular password storage and auto-login app on Chrome/Firefox. It appears though, that both Dashlane and Throttle compete for the same space in form fields when displaying their buttons per the screenshot http://i.imgur.com/Jzk3iTC.png


Is there a way to fix this?

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Thanks for the feedback – we're looking into this.

First, I'd love to hear what you would prefer the solution to be?

For example, a simple solution would be to offer a setting for you to disable the Throttle button, so you would instead right click and click "Authorize with Throttle" whenever you wanted to generate an address in a field.

Honestly the chrome extension button that is in the toolbar needs an option to generate an email address for use. Right now, on some sites, throttl doesnt even recognize the email fields... or sometimes I just need a throwaway address- its not clear how to do this without the throttl icon showing in a form field itself. Kind of a major flaw.


Otherwise, if the button could be positioned left or center- that could work; otherwise, the simplest way is to let the toolbar icon do the work.


When the button doesn't show up in the form field, just right click the field and click "Authorize with Throttle" (see here: https://throttle.helprace.com/i54-the-throttle-button-didn-t-appear-in-a-field)

And – good news! We'll be building exactly that - a way to generate from the extension button in the toolbar. That way you can generate however you wish or need to.

I definitely want the Throttle form-field icon to be disabled. It overlaps my LastPass icon which is much more useful than the Throttle icon (no offense). Currently I 100% right-click to generate a Throttle email but adding that functionality to the Plugin makes much more sense.

Disabled, or positioned to the left rather than the right. Either way. This is frustrating enough that I've only really played with Throttle, rather than committing to it as an alternative to competing strategies.

It's been 7 months. Any update on being able to disable the in-field icon that's literally "never" worked for me?

Hey David! We're working hard to roll out the features we promised with the new UX, though disabling the in-field icon is still on our to-do list. With a small team we have to prioritize our efforts, but that said, I'm very sorry for any inconveniences this feature (or lack thereof) has caused for you and our other users. Stay tuned!