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Short description of a longer replay of my original thread. Many of the web sites I'm subscribing to have email content that I will want to find later, and much that I would be happy to never see again. The desire to sort that out so that in the future I don't have to wade through outdated or expired messages would be nice.


I can't believe this is even a question. Some people may be using Throttle for privacy and security reasons, I can explain that if it's not clear what I mean, so I can't imagine why there would not be a delete function. This is an issue for me because there doesn't seem to be much information about security like how long shared email links are useable  or if they can be disabled once shared; also how they actually protect my information since they're just storing the messages instead of deleting them. If they are being deleted, when? 

Yea I know that Throttle was conceived as more of a newsletter thing but that is the least-useful feature in my opinion. I like to generate unique throw-away email addresses for security and privacy reasons and the fact that all of my emails are sitting on an unencrypted server keeps me from moving everything to this service.

The ability to delete things would go a long way towards helping me use this for more accounts let alone the ability to be searching for things. I already have a previously reported issue where it takes almost a half a minute to load my page because of server wait times. I could help them with that by removing some of my data..... ;)

I would like to delete these old messages and email addresses associated with my account !!!!! I am a PRO customer! If this is not possible I will stop using the service!

The ability to remove old useless messages is very important to me. The lack of this feature is a big problem in my workflow.

Yes, I would want that ability, to delete OLD messages.. YES!!!!