Ability to search received messages.

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UPDATE: Search has been added to UX3! Pro users can find search at the top of their reading list.

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Currently we are unable to search the email content (body) of any message received via Throttle. I'd love for a searchbar to be added to both the Reading List area of the website and the Browser Extensions.

A must-have, especially as we have more and more stuff coming to Throttle as time goes on. The amount of stuff will eventually be enormous, and with no search option, it will get to a point where it's impossible to find anything just by scrolling through an incredibly long list.

yes. Throttle will quickly become useless to me. I'm enjoying signing up for mailing lists that I might not get to read on a regular basis. I need to search them for the useful content that I might be looking for. [delete of messages would be useful to, if nothing else to save server space, some time down the road]

@Steven: Is the search functionality built into Gmail not enough? I've found that being able to search the subject line of the email messages received has been enough for me. I rarely remember what is in the body of an email message enough to search for anything.

My mail on Throttle isn't on gmail, though, it's on Throttle. :)

So here is the perfect example of why search is ESSENTIAL! Unless there are some other improvements made to the system. 

  1. I used throttle to generate an email address to enter a contest giveaway.
  2. The company sends a verification email. I look through my reading list and find the email from yesterday or the day before. I click on the link. I get verified.
  3. I go back to throttlehq to start a new category for contests
  4. I create a category for contests
  5. The page refreshes and my confirmation email has disappeared
  6. I change from show unread messages to "show all" and the display refreshes
  7. I can't find my contest entry email, I don't remember exactly which date, but it was within the last 2 days and it's not there
  8. I spend at least 10 minutes trying to figure out where it went or what I did wrong
  9. I spend at least another 30 minutes dealing with trying to log into helprace.com, (did I create my account with my email address, facebook, twitter, or google+? I now have at least 3 accounts on helprace, and I still can't access the original account that my original request for search was made through.) and writing this message.

Separate from the access to the help forums issue, having to visually search for the message used way too much time and still no result. I could have typed the name of the company or the prize or something fairly unique to the message and found where it got hidden. Too many of these scenarios and I will stop using Throttle, and I will definitely not pay for a subscription.

The solution for the issue you described is to click on the Uncategorized folder and drag/drop mailers to their appropriate folders until you find the Contest email you're looking for.

Noah, that would be OK if trying to find an email that came in the last few days, but if I need to find an email from two weeks ago, or a year ago, there is no way I could allot time to scroll through every single email Throttle has received for that year. It defies the very logic of digital information.

I need to know if there is a plan to make a search feature available, and a robust one at that, because otherwise I may be wasting a lot of time in converting the email address for so many accounts. It is a time-consuming process, both to switch them to Throttle, then, if I have to bail on Throttle, to switch them back again.

At the bare minimum there must be a way to sort all the email by sender, or find all emails from the same sender. But ideally there should also be other search parameters like date range, text in email title, etc.

PS. I see now how the category feature works, and that is very useful. I have been using Throttle for weeks, and didn't really know that existed. So I am implementing this now and that will help a lot. But search would still be very important.

P.P.S.—So I just spent 30 minutes implementing categories so that I'll have some control over all this info as it starts to pile up, but then I ran into the LIMIT OF 15 CATEGORIES for a basic account. That doesn't seem fair. If there is no search function and categories are the only way to manage content, then I think the cap should be higher.

Noah, I realize that I did not make it clear, I left something out, and you made an assumption. I was in the "All" category with "unread" selected. I have manually scanned through the past week. The message is not listed there! Anywhere! And I signed up in the past 2 - 3 days. But I can find the sender in the access control list. For now I will just wait for another message from that sender to move it into the new category.

Maybe it really isn't there. Maybe a bug in Throttle actually did "delete" the message. I won't know until I can add that sender to the desired category.

Yea I know that Throttle was conceived as more of a newsletter thing but that is the least-useful feature in my opinion. I like to generate unique throw-away email addresses for security and privacy reasons.

Here is a use-case: I used throttle to signup for Expedia in October in order to book a flight in December. It sends me a confirmation email for my flight shortly afterwards and then weeks go by with almost-daily emails about "Deals" that are irrelevant to my actual trip. About a couple days before the flight it sends me details for check-in. After I fly out, I get several days more of this spam and if I wanted to find my flight details again I had to scroll through weeks worth of stuff to find it. Just forget about doing that on the mobile app!

Search on iOS hasn't worked in months. :/

David & Derick,

I've notified Alex about the iOS search error and he'll have a fix out as soon as possible.

He's recently just posted about his fixes regarding digests and forwarding messages, to be viewed here: https://throttle.helprace.com/i301-we-re-back 

If you have any questions in the meantime, please feel free to reach out again.


Chiming in. Have already hit a few situations where i've needed to find an email that got sent to throttle a couple weeks ago and had to wade through a category to find it. 


Search is an absolute necessity.

Just a heads up - this has shipped in UX3 for Pro users, and will be available to everyone else when UX3 is made publicly available!