Log in unsuccessful: invalid login parameters

I can't login to Throttle to see my subscriptions.  I used my regular E-mail address and password, but I'm afraid that E-mail address has been replaced with a Throttle address I have no way of knowing.  I tried to reset the password and got a message there is no account associated with my E-mail.  When I signed up for this help community, it allowed that, but when I went to activate the account, it said my account was already activated, so it does know me somehow.  

This is a bit too much work for something that is supposed to save me work.

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I'm sorry you're experiencing this issue. Please email our support team at team@throttlehq.com so that we can look into your account to find out what has gone wrong.

In the meantime two things to note:

  • Accounts on this help community are separate from Throttle accounts
  • If you've received any digests, they are sent to the same address you would use to login

Once you email us, we'll get some more info to solve the problem!

Thank you.  I'll do that.