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Would be nice to be able to assign an email to multiple categories. That way I could see the emails based on two different types of views. 



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I'd love to know more - could you give me an example of how you'd use this?

Similar to how Gmail works with labels, or Evernote works with tags. Being able to use multiple labels/tags/categories would allow a user to see the same email in both categories. For example, I am on the mailing list of multiple non profits throughout the world. If I could put them into multiple categories, I would put them all into "non profits", but in addition, would add cities for each (ie "New York", "LA", etc). This would thus give me the ability to look at the non profit category and see them all, or go into a particular city to see just the ones for that city.

Make sense?



It does! Thank you for the details.

I STRONGLY support adding this feature too. I just spent 30 minutes implementing a category strategy, then found, only by reading David's request above, that each time I dragged the same email account onto a second category it was actually also removing it from the first. Why would you build it like this? I want emails from my senator to be both in "political" and "representative". I want email from The Film Forum to be both in "arts" and "events". Etc.

Without any search features (or hopefully until you implement search features) at least let's have the categories feature more robust.

BTW, I also want to send an email or post about another issue, which is that I just came upon the limit of 15 categories. Again, with your service not offering search functionality, leaving categories as the only way to sift through content, it seems miserly and unfair to limit my paying account to 15. I don't feel that I should have to upgrade to Pro for this.


dont get your hopes up. These guys have basically abandoned the product. I was an enthusiastic user and upgraded a year ago based on beta promised features but absolutely nothing has been released. 

Very disappointing to see a great idea die.