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    Firefox Extension No Longer Works

    Keith · 0 · Posted

    Your Firefox Extension no longer works in Firefox 57. I warned you this would happen here:

    When are you going to update it?

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    Throttle Firefox Extension Blocks Multi-Process Windows

    Keith · 0 · Posted

    Firefox has a performance enhancement function called Electrolysis that can use multiprocess windows. However, the Throttle Firefox extension blocks Firefox from using this capability, as do many other legacy extensions (see

    Furthermore, the technology that Firefox uses for add-ons will be deprecated starting with Firefox 57, scheduled to be released in NOVEMBER 2017 (

    When will Throttle transition their Firefox add-on to the WebExtension API, which is also used by Chrome & Opera and is compatible with multiprocess windows? (

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    Have not received digest since 09/18/2017

    Jay Haugen · 0 · Posted

    Have not received digest since 09/18/2017

    I am a Pro Customer.

    Jay H.

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    Site Maintenance During the Day

    Keith · 1 · Last reply by Josh Baylor

    You shouldn't perform site maintenance during business hours US time, except for emergencies. This prevents users from actually using your site. All customer-facing organizations worth their salt performtheir maintenance well after hours when the impact on customers will be minimal.

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    Multiples domains

    Kynao · 0 · Posted


    What happens when we used email from the default and later on we switched to a custom domain?

    Will all newsletters continue to be managed for the 2 emails used?

    What happens if later on we also change the custom domain ?


    Kind Regards

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    Fighting back

    Kynao · 0 · Posted


    Bascially, i suggest a spam protection in the same idea as spamassassin.

    As a side option i also suggest a fighting back spammers. like this one, the more we will be to use this, the more spammers lost the war. This is the fun aggressive fighting back option.

    I aso suggets a nicest fighting back option : may be a "Fighting back" category could be used so we could drag&drop there unwanted emails and as a result throttle would block these senders before reaching our mailbox, also alert the senders we want to be unsuscribed (and block him until the

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    Senders with no reply

    Kynao · 0 · Posted

    Hi,   A useful feature would be to quickly see all senders that didn't reply to our emails. Useful feature in itself for following a subject of importance  but also to identify senders we won't send emails again so either suppress them or replace them from our address book which need to be clean.

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    Subfolders and pre-made categories

    Kynao · 0 · Posted


    As discussed by email, pre-made categories are something of interest, something like our bank account which categorize expenses, this saves time to follow a budget.

    I also suggest subcategories, ie  subfolders (which could be renamed) based on the sender web domain to avoid a category polluted by a lot of mails from the same senders as we would have to sort emails from one sender to another one. Later on, i still recommend different levels of sub-category because one or two levels are not enough to have an effective distinctive organization on software and services.

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    Daily Digest by category

    Kynao · 1 · Last reply by Kynao


    Daily Digest delivery should be set by option either for all categories or by category (so that a specific delivery hour for each category)

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    Chrome extension crash browser constantly

    Martial Michel · 2 · Last reply by Josh Baylor

    I installed the Chrome extension.

    Chrome started crashing randomly at very frequent intervals (read every single time it was started, it would crash instantly). I use session buddy so I was able to get it started again, unfortunately it would crash as fast as it was restarted.

    I uninstalled the Throttle extension and chrome works seamlessly again.


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    IMAP inbox support?

    Daniel · 1 · Last reply by Josh Baylor

    Would adding some kind of IMAP API for Throttle and then adding IMAP fetching from Gmail help with deliverability issues? Is this even remotely feasible? This would help out with forwarding issues since Throttle no longer needs to be concerned about deliverability.

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    Is it possible to add multiple custom domains?

    Sharif · 1 · Last reply by Alexander Obenauer

    Hi there,

    Is it possible to add multiple custom domains on a Throttle (Pro) account?


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    Please delete my account

    Francine · 1 · Last reply by Alexander Obenauer

    Please delete my Throttle account. Please let me know that my emails will revert back to my regular gmail account.

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    Why was the "Mark all as read" button/link removed?

    Charles Magnuson · 2 · Last reply by Charles Magnuson

    There used to be a button on the upper right above each day's grouping of emails which allowed the user to mark all of those emails as read. Recently, this handy button was turned into a hidden link that only showed up when the mouse hovered over the link. This change was a bummer, but at least the function still existed.

    Today when I log into my account, the "Mark all as read" button is simply gone. There does not appear to be any function whatsoever to mark the day's emails as read.

    Why was the ability to mark a

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    VERY disappointed - What happened to Mail Pilot?

    Lisa Angstreich · 2 · Last reply by Lisa Angstreich

    I've been a customer of both Mail Pilot and Throttle since the beginning of both endeavors. Have heavily promoted and recommended them both to friends and colleagues. What has happened to Mail Pilot? It seems like you have completely dropped the project cold turkey. At the very least, I would hope you would communicate with your customers. Instead, all of the help options are directed to 404 pages.

    Please let me/us know what your plans are for that product. I am now left with an email application that is not working and little to no confidence in ANY of your

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    Reply Status?

    Tony · 1 · Last reply by Josh Baylor

    Is a reply to email action coming in the future? If so, when?

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    Upgrade to Throttle Pro with credit of credit of Throttle plus

    Jack · 2 · Last reply by Alexander Obenauer


    i'm already using Throttle plus and paid it for a year in November '16.  Now i want to upgrade to PRO, but in consideration of an rebated price, regarding the paid Plus-Plan in advance. Would that be possible? Greetings. Jack

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    Paid account listed as FREE

    Chris Agro · 1 · Last reply by Josh Baylor

    Hi all,

    I paid $49 back in December 2016 but my account shows as FREE. I have never received Daily Digests and I am wondering if you can change my status to reflect your Plus level? 


    Here is what my bank shows:

    Payment Record:12/20/2016



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    Another three months without updates

    David Shalev · 2 · Last reply by David Shalev

    I am back with my ongoing requests for product update. My renewal date is coming up soon, and in the year that I have been a paid user, I haven't seen any product development, nor any releases of promised beta features. 

    So, before abandoning the product (the free version is truly unusable), giving it one last chance to get at least some indication about where Throttle is headed. I continue to love the concept, but all indications are that this is a dead product without a future, which is not only frustrating but precarious for those of us that rely

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    Is there a way to automatically generate an address? Alfred integration?

    Harte · 1 · Last reply by Josh Baylor

    I wanted to try and create a workflow for Alfred ( or Keyboard Maestro (  to generate an email address for domains or apps.  The idea is that you might call the service, pass in the url, and get returned the existing email for the domain, or get a new one generated and returned to you.

    Is there an API that would enable this kind of functionality?