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    No Digest Emails


    I haven't had a digest email from throttle - ever. Something must be wrong. 

    Also, I paid for professional yearly on Dec 22, but my account does not have professional functions. And given my experience with the usefulness of throttle (i've now missed an important linkedIn message because I did not get a digest email to know that it was there), I'm thinking i'd rather a refund of my profession subscription. 

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    Auto read messages

    Ryan Mathews · 1 reply · Last reply by Josh Baylor

    For some addresses I'd like to mark all messages as read. I only want to refer back to them on occasion (which search does well). This would make it easier for me to focus on the emails I care about and be able to read more of them in a timely fashion.

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    Service not available in Germany for more than 15 hours

    Daniel · 1 reply · Last reply by Josh Baylor

    Since yesterday around lunch time I get the following message in web browser:

    We'll be right back!

    We're currently performing some maintenance and will be back shortly.

    And the app on iOS is showing the following error:

    JSON Parse error: Unrecognized token '<'

    What's up?!

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    Are digests available for free accounts?

    scrapisimo · 2 replies · Last reply by Josh Baylor

    Hello. I signed up at Throttle in the beginning of 2016 but started using it just recently. I'm using the free version of Throttle and I've set up to receive digest emails at 1 pm. I however have never received an email digest. Is the digest email function also available for the free accounts? I want to update to a paid account, but I’ve sent two emails to support already and have not received a reply and also the not-receiving-digests issue is holding me up.


  • We're back.

    Alexander Obenauer · 2 replies · Last reply by Daniel

    First, I sincerely apologize for the outages you all have experienced. Second, we're back - you’ll just need to take one quick step to restore digests (and other emails) on your account.

    Throttle had an unusual volume of junk sent to random addresses on our servers since Black Friday. It was nothing that should surprise us in concept, but it certainly surprised our servers (causing the November server outages, which were fixed that month) and our email service provider, who I’ve been working with to restore deliverability.

    We have restored deliverability, but you have to re-enable emails in your reading list. Besides restoring

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    The bottom categories hidden when dragging a subscription

    Derick Rodriguez · 1 reply · Last reply by Josh Baylor

    I have over 100 different categories for each subscription in my throttle account. When I try to move a subscription to a category toward the bottom of the list it becomes impossible because the list in the sidebar moves upward with no ability to scroll it down. I am unable to take a screenshot of the issue due to technical limitations (mouse is occupied with the dragging action), but i do have a screen of the "before" action which I can use to describe it better.

    Below is a photo of my inbox with the categories in the sidebar, now

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    Throttle doesn't work

    John McJunkins · 1 reply · Last reply by Josh Baylor

    Since I bought throttle last month, it has not worked. I upgraded to pro because I was so excited about how wonderful this product would be, and now I know I've just wasted my $50. Don't buy this product. Not unless the developer shows some serious intention of turning this around.

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    Not receiving Throttle Digests

    Daniel · 2 replies · Last reply by Josh Baylor

    I already opened a request 2 weeks ago (and at this point it was already a while ago that it stopped working). Still got no response and its still not working...

    I don't receive digests anymore... time is selected.

    Any chance this will get a fix or can i close my account right away?  ...

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    Forward emails & daily digest doesn't work anymore

    Marco · 2 replies · Last reply by Josh Baylor

    A few days ago I noticed that my mails to my @thrott addresses don't get forwarded anymore - for weeks it seems -.-
    No, nothing in the spam folder and I haven't any settings which could lead to this situation. So what could be the problem?? Please take a look in my account and fix the problem.
    Also I already sent a request here and a tweet on Twitter - no reaction from you up to now....:(

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    Forward to my inbox not working

    Stan Glaser · 2 replies · Last reply by Josh Baylor

    when i try to forward a message to my inbox the Yes forward button is there but \

    when I click on it it does nothing does not work I tried a different browser and 

    same thing to it is not my browser 


    Stan Glaser

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    AWEBER seems to be censoring ThrottleHQ mails???

    Recently, I've purchased a couple products from separate vendors using a throttle email address. In both cases, the confirmations emails didn't come through. I contacted their support and they said that the confirmation emails had bounced.

    With the one, I did receive the AWEBER subscription confirmation email and confirmed, but have since received nothing. The thank you page laid out what emails to expect, so I am expecting these emails.

    Is there a problem I need to know about?

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    Not receiving emails

    Steve · 2 replies · Last reply by Josh Baylor

    Good Morning,

    I just created a new email address and was expecting to receive an email from them. Never  received one. Went into the web portal and copied the newly created email address ( tried to send an email from my Outlook. Never received. Went to my iphone and using the iphone Throttle app copied the newly created email (verified it's the same as above) and tried sending a test email from ios. Never received.

    Thanks for the help with this!

    Best Regards,


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    Paid for Pro, account not updated.

    Mike Bronner · 1 reply · Last reply by Josh Baylor

    I paid for Pro a few days ago, but my account is not reflecting the upgrade. I send in a support email, but received no response. Please help.

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    Can't send emails to inbox

    David Shalev · 12 replies · Last reply by Josh Baylor

    Looks like Throttle is going from bad to worse. Has truly been one of the big software disappointments of the year - started off so promising, and now not only are promised updates nowhere to be seen, but the current product is broken. First, no digests sent, then searching doesn't work (and no response to my forum post about it), and now can't send emails to my inbox from the mobile app. See attached for the error code.

    It would be one thing if the product was free or reasonably priced, but Throttle demands a very high price and doesn't

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    What happened to the responsive customer-based service that I originally signed up for?

    Oscar Knights · 1 reply · Last reply by Oscar Knights

    I signed up to this service almost on day one and was extremely impressed by the level of customer service and care for the customers. So much so, that I ended up diving in for the 'pro' version.

    Now it seems that the support team have vanished. The email forwarding and digests don't work, and no one seems to be providing any information.

    Also, where are the promised features? Before I signed up to the 'pro' version, I was told that the 'automated subscription' service and 'shorter generated addresses' were coming "in the next few weeks", and for these reasons,

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    Message forwarding not working

    Daniel · 18 replies · Last reply by Josh Baylor


    I try to forward single messages while reading. This is not working. Neither on the web nor on iOS. I have a pro account.

    How do I get my messages from Throttle to my regular e-mail account?!

    Kind regards,


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    Broken feature: redirect email to my non-Throttle address

    nic · 3 replies · Last reply by Josh Baylor

    Suddenly, one of Throttle's most important features is completely broken. Until a few days ago, I was able to redirect emails sent to a Throttle-generated address to my personal email address so that I could save/archive/work with in my native email application. Now, when clicking the envelope icon that I used to use to activate this feature, I see the familiar  pop-up asking me if I want to forward the email to my Inbox, but clicking “yes” does nothing. The pop-up stays on the screen and the email never gets redirected...

    Using the iOS app, the feature produces first an error that

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    I'm not receiving Throttle digests anymore

    Chris · 8 replies · Last reply by Michael Pascoe

    I haven't received any since November 21st.  I checked my digest settings and they look correct.

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    Unlimited Revioke Issue

    Eric · 4 replies · Last reply by Eric

    I was one of the original users and participated in the beta also. I have unlimited revokes on my account. When I try to revoke access, it states that I have reached my limit. Which is false. Can you correct that issue. I would like to use throttle HQ more, but this is keeping me from that.






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    No Digest today

    Jay Haugen · 3 replies · Last reply by David Shalev

    It was to be sent at 5am (cst) this morning.