Knowledge Base: Getting Started

  • Getting Started: The First 5 Things To Do

    Congrats, you've signed up for a service that has saved other Throttlers from data breaches, email distribution lists, and other issues - resulting in a reduction of more than 300,000 interruptions throughout the day.

    Once you've set Throttle up, here's the first five things you should do to amp up your productivity, reclaim your inbox, and reclaim your time. 

    1. Convert your social media accounts

    Some of the most detrimental interruptions when we're trying to get work done are social media notifications that ping our inboxes every hour. You want the notifications, but you don't want the interruptions. By switching your social

  • How To Use Throttle On Old Subscriptions

    The "magic" to Throttle is that it ensures any new senders never had your email address in the first place - this is what makes Throttle uniquely airtight at detecting scams and giving you the control to revoke someone's permission to send you email. Because of this, there is no equally airtight way to automatically move old subscriptions over to Throttle. However, it can be done, in just a few minutes. 

    Go through your subscriptions that you receive in your inbox and update your subscription preferences with them to use a Throttle email address. For me, it took about 10

  • How To Use a Throttle Address To Log In to an Account

    Often, you use a Throttle-generated email address as your account login for various sites.

    There are five different ways you can accomplish this with Throttle, depending on your needs, to make the process as easy to use as possible.

    • The extension will attempt to automatically fill out log in forms with the generated email address. If it doesn't, which may happen for various reasons, use one of the following options.
    • Click the Throttle button in the email field of the login form (if there isn't one, just right click and hit "Authorize with Throttle"). This won't re-generate a new address, it will
  • How To Use Throttle on Mobile Devices

    We're currently working on a mobile app for iOS and mobile web support. This big update will allow you to use Throttle on your devices just as effectively as your desktop.

    We wanted to really nail the desktop experience first, then knock the mobile app out of the park. But don't worry - mobile is coming soon!

    Throttle Pro customers can request early access to the beta of the iPhone app. Just email us, and we'll put the first 1,000 on the list.