Knowledge Base: Getting Advanced

  • How to set up a Category

    Categories allow you to browse specific content in your reading list, and get even more powerful when you set up custom digests. By default, a Category's subscriptions are sent in your daily digest, but they can instead have their own custom daily or weekly digests (Pro users can even direct category digests to different email addresses).

    For example, let's create a category for your social notifications.

    First, in your Reading List, at the bottom of your categories list in the left sidebar, click "Add new category..." and type a name for your category, like "Social". Hit your enter (return) key

  • How to set up a Custom Digest

    With Categories, you can have Custom Digests that are daily or weekly, at any hour (they don't have to be a part of your regular Daily Digest), and for Pro users, they can even be sent to different email addresses (i.e. work vs. personal).

    It's a great way to get the mail you want when you want it. Use Custom Digests to:

    • Read news & conversation-starters every morning — by categorizing all of your daily news notifications to arrive in your inbox at 8 am.
    • Get newsletters from local venues right before the weekend — set it for Friday, and you'll
  • How to Forward Email to Your Inbox

    You can manually forward any message to your regular inbox with the click of a button (Pro users can set up automatic forwarding if needed). This allows you to do anything else you wish with the email – save attachments, reply, organize it for later reference, etc.

    Here's how: Open a message in your reading list, and click the envelope icon at the bottom, right of the column on the left.

  • What if I don't recognize a sender?

    Don't know why you're getting an email? When you open it in your reading list, or hover over its icon in the digest email, you will see the website where you authorized the sender. If the message isn't from the site you authorized, the address may have been compromised (sold, stolen, or just sending you irrelevant messages you didn't want), and you can Revoke Access to shut them down.