Knowledge Base: Understanding Throttle

  • Why can't I delete messages?

    We intentionally did not design deleting messages into Throttle because we don't want to create yet another inbox that you feel that you need to keep clean. But to get that cleaner reading experience, we rolled out filters so you can look just at the unread items in your reading list, or just a specific category.

  • Why aren't generated addresses listed somewhere?

    In access control, right now we don't expose the email addresses. This was intentional, because we want to make the thing work so well that the random addresses are abstracted away from the user's concern — you wouldn't have to worry about or even understand the technical underpinnings to operate it effectively.

    However, there are instances where you do need the generated addresses (like to log in).

    There are five different ways you can accomplish this with Throttle, depending on your needs, to make the process as easy to use as possible.

    • The extension will attempt to automatically fill out log in forms
  • Why does Throttle use unique, generated addresses?

    Throttle uses unique addresses so that it can track each individual subscription for you. That way, it knows if someone sold your email address, and whenever you want to stop receiving email from a sender you can simply tell Throttle to shut that email address down by clicking "Revoke Access". It's immediate, definitive, and airtight - the exact opposite of trying to "unsubscribe" from anything.

    Throttle's browser extension is designed to make generating and using those generated addresses as easy as (if not easier than) using your own, while also making it a whole lot safer.