• We're back.

    Alexander Obenauer · 3 · Last reply by David Webb

    First, I sincerely apologize for the outages you all have experienced. Second, we're back - you’ll just need to take one quick step to restore digests (and other emails) on your account.

    Throttle had an unusual volume of junk sent to random addresses on our servers since Black Friday. It was nothing that should surprise us in concept, but it certainly surprised our servers (causing the November server outages, which were fixed that month) and our email service provider, who I’ve been working with to restore deliverability.

    We have restored deliverability, but you have to re-enable emails in your reading list. Besides restoring

  • Like Throttle? Give us a hand!

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    After months in beta with some of the best testers around, Throttle for iPhone has officially landed.

    And it's featured on Product Hunt today! If you're a hunter, be sure to go to the Product Hunt home page, and click "Throttle for iOS" to share a vote or a comment so more people can find out about Throttle!

  • Throttle for iPhone & iPad Now Available!

    Alexander Obenauer · 4 · Last reply by Peter Valk

    After months of work and beta releases, we're ecstatic to share with you Throttle for iPhone & iPad.

    It's now available in the App Store. Get it today and enjoy the productivity and security of Throttle on the go. Enjoy your reading list during some downtime during your day.

    The app lets you do everything you do on your desktop - including generating addresses from your browser. Just enable its "Share Extension" and you'll be able to access Throttle from any website in Safari!

  • New to the UX3 Beta: What's New (UX3 beta)

    Jeb · 0 · Posted

    What's New has been added to the UX3 Beta!

    Easily keep track of the new emails you've received and new authorizations since the last time you opened Throttle. Read and categorize emails as you normally would directly from What's New. Any emails that you don't read get put in a 'Seen but unread' section for you to revisit later.

    All caught up? Simply press the 'Mark All As Read' email and ALL of your emails will be marked as read.

    Another newly added feature is the ability to categorize and manage a recently generated address before it receives any mail.

  • Announcing the Throttle UX3 Beta

    Alexander Obenauer · 4 · Last reply by Mart

    This update is too big to just put here, so I wrote a blog post and made a video:

    • Blog post: https://medium.com/@alexobenauer/tons-of-slick-new-stuff-in-throttle-ux3-9864679a0744#.l86rft9xo
    • Video: https://vimeo.com/174352321

    Enjoy, and feel free to post any feedback on the new UX3 beta in Helprace!

    Update: Here's another blog post, diving into the reasons for many of the decisions that went into this redesign: https://medium.com/@alexobenauer/little-big-details-breaking-down-one-piece-of-a-product-redesign-88181cd13825

  • A Path Toward Sustainability

    Alexander Obenauer · 0 · Posted

    We’ve really enjoyed getting to chat with many of you over the last few weeks, and we’ve loved to discover that we share a common goal: making Throttle the most effective tool to solve the time-drains in email, and making sure Throttle is around for the long haul.   We’re working hard on the first part with all of the feedback you’re sending our way. More on that in just a minute.   The second part means we need to make Throttle financially sustainable, so that it can be around for the long haul, with regular development. In order to

  • Updates to Reading List & Access Control

    Alexander Obenauer · 0 · Posted

    A few quick updates:

    • Clicking "simply revoke access in Access Control" on an open message will take you straight to the row of that subscription to revoke its access. Thanks to Noah for this suggestion.
    • In access control, you can now plainly see the generated address for each subscription when you hover over the row.
    • In grid view, read items are now more distinctly faded, so you can quickly see what's unread vs. read, even when you're viewing "all" instead of just "unread".

    Enjoy these updates, and stay tuned on mobile, we've been working hard on it the last few

  • Sign up for the iOS app beta now!

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    The iOS app beta signups are now open! Sign up today.

    We will bring on 2,000 testers, in batches of a couple hundred. Throttle Pro users will get first priority in each batch, then everyone else in order of when they initially registered for Throttle

  • iPhone App Sneak Peek for You

    Alexander Obenauer · 0 · Posted

    As a thank you for being a Throttle user that reads and posts on this forum regularly, I wanted to give you a special sneak peek at our iPhone app teaser that we'll be releasing publicly next week with the launch of the Throttle for iPhone Beta.

    We're currently sending this video out to a handful of our favorite bloggers and journalists, but if you are a reader of any blogs or sites that you think should cover our launch next week, be sure to send them a tip and let them know how much you love Throttle! (And feel free

  • Updates on this forum

    Alexander Obenauer · 0 · Posted

    Who are we, and our timely (or not so timely) responses

    To those of you that are regulars here, thank you from all of us. It's been an incredible beginning to the Throttle journey getting to take it with you, hearing all of your thoughts, ideas, praise, and issues. You're a tremendous motivation for us as we continue to march on with Throttle's mission. Thanks for marching with us.

    I am Alex, the founder of Mindsense (our company) and designer of Throttle. You saw me regularly responding to all of your posts for the first month after launch, along with

  • Mobile-optimized Visual Reading List & Sidebar

    Alexander Obenauer · 0 · Posted

    The visual reading list now works great on mobile, and you can even now pop open the sidebar (before only available on the desktop), allowing you to switch from the visual grid to the list, or open a specific category.

    Additionally, load more should now work on more (if not all) devices.

    Thanks to Noah for submitting this idea!

  • Generating New Addresses Manually

    Alexander Obenauer · 1 · Last reply by Kees Romkes

    All 4 browser extensions have been updated to support manual generation of new addresses. Here's how it works:

    When you click the Throttle icon in your browser's navigation bar, the popover will now contain a button to manually generate an address for the current domain you're on (this is because Throttle needs a domain to associate with your generated address — so browse to the right one first).

    This feature will come in handy in a number of edge cases. One is if you need to generate multiple addresses for the same page (the normal way will always return the

  • Forwarding Categories & More

    Alexander Obenauer · 0 · Posted

    Some big updates to categories launched today.

    • Category-specific Instant Forwarding. In a category's digest settings, turn the digest off, and you'll be able to turn forwarding on. This is a Throttle Pro only feature.
    • Rename a Category. Just click on the name, type something new, and hit enter (return key).
    • Clarified Category Digest Settings. There's a lot of different states that a category's digest can take, but we've now made the description (top-right when a category is open) smarter so that it will clearly describe its settings to you.
    • Category URLs. Categories now have unique URLs, so navigating between them
  • Firefox Extension Now Available

    Alexander Obenauer · 0 · Posted

    Last Thursday, we launched the Firefox extension!

    To install, just pop open Firefox, head to the downloads tab, and click the Firefox logo.

    Enjoy! And let us know if you encounter any issues.

    This rounds out the major four:

    • Safari
    • Chrome
    • Opera
    • Firefox

    All four extensions can be downloaded from the downloads tab.

  • Throttle Goes Free!

    Alexander Obenauer · 3 · Last reply by Tyler Neal

    Throttle's big splash in January was dramatic: it is one of the rare few launches to amass over 1,000 votes on Product Hunt, and was featured in an interview with Robert Scoble. The crowd made it clear to us: they want Throttle.

    So, as of today, we've made Throttle free. Now everyone can have access to world-class protection for their email address, their inbox, and their time.

    As a part of these pricing changes, we've upgraded all current customers to the new Throttle Pro, at no extra cost. Besides unlimited usage of the features you've already had, Throttle Pro brings

  • Visual Reading List with Previews

    Your reading list is about to get a lot more visual:


    The team has been working on this one for a while. Enjoy it, and give us your feedback in "Ideas"!

  • Throttle Pro Beta Expansion

    Alexander Obenauer · 0 · Posted

    Today, we're completing the initial Throttle Pro featureset. Share and vote on thoughts and ideas on the new Throttle user voice platform, which we're reading dilligently.

    We're also expanding the Pro beta to every paid customer. Enjoy :)

    Here's what you've got in your Throttle Pro beta.

    • Individual Forwarding (+ attachment support) You can forward any individual message to your inbox once if you need to do anything further with it, like replying, saving attachments, or archiving. To do this, open a message in your reading list, and click the envelope icon at the bottom, right of the column on
  • Welcome to our new user portal!

    Alexander Obenauer · 0 · Posted
    Welcome to our brand-new user portal! Here, you can submit private requests directly to our help desk, ask a question or share your ideas in our community. You can report problems or give praise, too!